VanCraft Creative Rebate Program

Our Creative Rebate Program is intended to inspire content creators to document and share their experiences while traveling in their VanCraft rental. We want to share your good times and travel stories with the world on our social media channels.

If you’re a serious adventure photographer, blogger, videographer, or social media influencer we encourage you to apply. We want to give you a discounted rental in exchange for your creative talent.

How it works:

You’ll provide us with some information about yourself and what type of medium you’ll be contributing using the form below. We’ll send you a discount code for you to book a rental with.

Follow these instructions for 20% off your rental booking:

Complete the form below; be sure to fill out the entire form – incomplete forms will not be considered.  content release below. make sure to read and sign the content release, bring it with you when you pickup your rental.

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