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VanCraft Sprinter Campervan Conversion Build Series | EPISODE 3

By the VanCraft Team | May 14, 2020

This week, we’re showing you how the interior of the campervan all comes together.  From the framing, to the kitchen appliances, to the detailed final trim pieces – this episode has it all.  For more information about our process or materials, feel free to reach out to the VanCraft team at  Also, stay tuned for detailed walk-through videos of our short and long wheelbase Sprinter campervans – COMING SOON.

Campervan Interior Cabin Framing

We start with assembling and installing the campervan cabin framing that acts as the foundation for the interior build. 

All of the framing is pre-drilled with kreg holes to make sure all screw tips are hidden.

The bed frame and counter-top frame are screwed to the van chassis and then glued to cut down on squeaking and rattling.

The closet and overhead cabinets are also pre-assembled and then screwed and glued into place.

Campervan Battery Storage

Power is UBER important, especially for an off-grid rig.  VanCraft utilizes a 300ah AGM deep-cycle battery bank to provide power to the campervan systems. 

We chose this style battery because they are safe, maintenance-free, and hold-up in extreme temperatures. 

Getting power to all of your devices is a must, which is why conveniently located household plugs are essential.  Our campervans offer a variety of household plugs, including 110V, 12V, and standard USB outlets located next to the bed and bench.

The LED overhead lighting is wired to a dimmer switch, which gives you complete control over the mood of your cabin.

No Compromises In This Kitchen

Moving on to the most used space in the campervan; the kitchen.  The staple of a good kitchen is a stunning countertop, which is why we went with beautiful, beefy Oak Butcher-block countertops.  The countertop is set, glued, sealed, and screwed onto the cabinet framing. 

A deep-undermount sink is a must, in our opinion. The stainless-steel sink is fed by an electric pump, which has a pressure-regulator device to cut down on annoying splatter. 

Cooking is simple and convenient with the self-contained Camp Chef stove-top/oven combo – powered by a 1lb disposable propane bottle. 

Access to fresh food is essential, which is why we’ve incorporated a 45-qt compressor refrigerator into the kitchen, which is energy efficient, quiet, and beautifully integrated into the countertop design. 

The Finishing Touches

Finally, we start making finishing touches to the cabin.

In efforts to keep the living space functional and durable, we install our folding bench seating and bench-back bed extension, which is upholstered with weather-proof Sunbrella canvas cushions. 

The final touch of comfort comes from fitting the custom-cut 8” memory foam mattress onto the bed-frame. 

Getting a good night’s sleep on the road has never been so easy.

See You Next Episode!

This concludes the third episode of VanCraft’s, four-episode, behind the scenes build series.  In our next episode we give you the final in-depth walk-through of our two Sprinter campervan models.

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