14 Day Best of California Road Trip

Trips of a Lifetime


VanCraft Campervan Rentals, Via Del Norte, Oceanside, CA, USA

Los Angeles
1 hr 22 min

Ojai, CA
1 hr 25 min

Santa Barbara, CA
43 min

Lompoc, CA
58 min

Morro Bay, CA
1 hr 16 min

San Simeon, CA
32 min

Green Valley Viewing Point, CA
21 min

Big Sur, CA
1 hr 54 min

Santa Cruz, CA
1 hr 22 min

San Francisco, CA
1 hr 15 min

Sonoma, CA
58 min

Napa, CA
21 min

Lake Tahoe, US
2 hr 52 min

Yosemite National Park, CA
2 hr 29 min

Sequoia National Park, CA
2 hr 34 min

VanCraft Campervan Rentals, Via Del Norte, Oceanside, CA, USA
Total Distance
1400 mi
14 - 21
Driving Time
26 hr 02 min
Best Season
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

For years we have talked about doing a road trip along the coast of California. Drive along Highway 1 up the coast, stopping at fun coastal towns, seeing the dramatic cliffside views, walking among massive redwood trees, and seeing insanely beautiful national parks that California is home to.

This year we finally set aside two weeks in a van and hit the open roads of California. You probably could do this in a shorter amount of time, but we recommend spending at least 1 week to 10 days exploring this amazing area. We decided to go with a van instead of a car, because we wanted to have ultimate freedom and flexibility, with the chance to build in extra time where we liked and adjust our schedules if there was a hidden gem we stumbled upon. Driving is half the fun of this trip, and having our home with us the whole time versus rushing to the next town for a hotel reservation, was the perfect way to see California.