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Converted Sprinter Van For Sale

Purchase a Brand New Build or Retired Rental for your #vanlife adventures.

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Are you searching for a converted Sprinter van for sale?

VanCraft offers two great “finished product” offerings.

For customers who love the smell of freshly cut wood, browse our inventory of newly converted sprinter camper vans. Alternatively, if you don’t mind some wear-and-tear, one of our, well-maintained, retired rental vans may be a great choice for you. See our full available and upcoming inventory list below.


Brand NEW Builds

New & Used Vans With Brand New Interiors (0-75K miles)


Retired Rentals

Used Vans With Used Interiors (150-200K miles)

VanCraft Converted Sprinter Van Features

VanCraft offers two different models of converted Sprinter camper vans. The LWB (Long Wheelbase) is built on the Mercedes Sprinter 170″ chassis and can seat 6 and sleep 4 comfortably inside. The SWB (Short wheelbase) is built on the Mercedes Sprinter 144″ chassis and can seat 4 and sleep 2 comfortably inside. Please find more information about our converted Sprinter vans for sale by downloading the spec sheets below.

converted sprinter van

Converted Sprinter Van Inventory

  • New Build

    2021 170″ Sprinter Campervan | AVAILABLE 3/15/22 | RESERVE NOW

    $129,900 | 100 miles
  • New Build

    2021 144″ Sprinter Campervan | AVAILABLE 10/15/21 | RESERVE NOW

    $114,900 | 100 miles

Sprinter Camper van Financing

VanCraft has partnered with Trident Funding to offer an exclusive campervan financing product for our converted Sprinter vans for sale.

Trident Funding is able to offer the following rates and terms based on credit score ranges 660 and above:

  • Terms equal to or greater than 60 months
  • Rates from 4.74% to 7.49%
  • 40% down payment (60% LTV)

sprinter camper van financing

Additional Information

Financing Options

VanCraft has partnered with Trident Funding to offer a custom tailored campervan financing product for our customers. You can CLICK HERE to email our TF contact or call James Barron direct at 510.356.2961.

Warranty Information

VanCraft offers a full 90-day warranty on all installed campervan systems and components. Some of our vans come with a factory warranty; however, VanCraft does not offer any kind of dealer warranty on new or used van chassis.

Shipping Your Van

VanCraft offers complimentary freight-concierge services for our customers. Please note that all shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

Benefits of Campervan Ownership

Some of the top benefits to owning a Sprinter campervan are convenience, low cost of travel, and complete freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want. Check out this article for a comprehensive comparison of a Campervan Vs. RV.

Where Should I Take my Campervan?

Check out our curated itineraries and blog for some road-trip inspiration!

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