Behind the Build: Designing The Ultimate Campervan

Behind the Build: Designing the Ultimate Campervan
Last updated
May 13, 2024

Are you ready to unlock limitless adventure with a fully off-grid campervan? At VanCraft, we…

Are you ready to unlock limitless adventure with a fully off-grid campervan? At VanCraft, we take pride in crafting quality campervans that are thoughtfully designed to enhance your lifestyle. From off-grid systems to innovative layouts and unparalleled quality, our campervans are built to inspire unforgettable adventures.

Off-Grid Systems: Powering Your Adventures

Our campervans are equipped with state-of-the-art off-grid systems, ensuring that you can roam freely without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Here’s what sets our off-grid systems apart:

  • Energy-Efficient Compressor Fridge: Say goodbye to traditional coolers and energy sucking front loader fridges—our campervans feature energy-efficient fridges that keep your food and drinks cold with as little power draw as possible.
  • Heater and AC System: Whether you’re chasing the summer sun or exploring snowy landscapes, our campervans keep you comfortable year-round with four-season insulation, an efficient high-altitude diesel heater, a powerful roof fan, and optional air conditioning. We utilize a high efficiency 12V compressor AC unit and yes, you can run it without having to worry about plugging your rig in!
  • Dual Input Smart Charge Relay: Your battery bank receives charge from a large solar panel on the roof and the van’s alternator through a smart charge relay. Between these two charging sources, and our thoughtfully designed electrical system, you should never need to plug in your rig.
  • Large Solar Capacity: Harness the power of the sun with our campervans’ 320w+ solar panel, providing ample energy for all your adventures.
  • Ample Water Capacity:  All of our campervans are equipped with an industry leading 40 gallon freshwater tank, allowing you to enjoy extended journeys without worrying about running out of water. The best part is the ‘EZ-Winterize’ system we’ve designed to make winterizing your van a breeze. 

Innovative Layouts: Tailored to Your Adventure

No two adventures are alike, which is why we offer a range of innovative layouts to suit your unique travel style. Our campervans offer unparalleled flexibility and fluidity.

  • Fluidity: With layouts designed for fluidity and functionality, our campervans have thoughtful dedicated space for living, sleeping, and storage, making the most of every square inch.
  • Queen Size Comfort: Experience the luxury of a 6″ thick memory foam mattress atop a queen size bed. With a fixed bed, you can maximize your space, ensuring your garage storage, living area, and sleeping quarters are all conveniently set up without sacrificing room elsewhere.
  • Bench-Back Bed Extension: Our proprietary bench-back extension deploys in seconds, and extends the length of the bed to 6’4. 
  • Garage Storage: Our open-concept garage gives you total freedom when it comes to organizing your gear. 35″ of height clearance makes mountain bike storage a breeze, and the 6’8 long storage bay on the driver’s side gives you ample ski and board storage, allowing you to bring along all your outdoor essentials without sacrificing living space.
  • Flare-Free Design: Our campervans are intentionally designed without bed flares. As a four-season rig, it’s very important to make sure your sleeping area is as insulated as possible. Unfortunately, flares offer minimal insulation for your head and feet, which can be especially uncomfortable in the wintertime. 

Uncompromising Quality: Built to Last

At VanCraft, quality is our top priority. From high-quality wood finishes to premium leather seating, our campervans are crafted with attention to detail and durability in mind. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, you can trust that our campervans will stand the test of time.

  • Minimalistic Scandinavian Aesthetics: Inspired by the clean lines and timeless appeal of Scandinavian design, our campervans boast a minimalist aesthetic that’s both modern and inviting.
  • Cabinetry: Our premium birch cabinetry is laid up with durable commercial grade laminate. We hand router and sand the exposed edges for a craftsmanship finish. Our cabinets all offer dowel construction, which adds an extra layer of durability and fit and finish.
  • Countertops: Our oak countertops are robust, meticulously crafted; and timeless. 
  • Flooring: Our waterproof vinyl flooring is built to withstand the elements, offering both durability and style. 
  • The “Shell”: Our prefinished maple walls and ceilings offer unique rich grain patterns that create an ambiance of cozy elegance. 
  • High-End Hardware: Our hardware is similar to what you would find in a high-end kitchen. Soft-close hinges, smooth drawer slides, and dovetail drawer box construction all inspire confidence.
  • Luxury Leather Seating: Our bench cushions are made with plush automotive grade leather and offer the perfect blend of comfort and support.
  • Rental Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, the millions of miles our rental fleet has endured is a testament to the quality and durability of our builds. 

Do you have questions? Ready to embark on your next adventure? Explore our current inventory and start planning your journey today!