Is a VanCraft Campervan a Good Investment?

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May 13, 2024

A VanCraft Campervan doesn’t just unlock limitless adventure, it can also fuel financial freedom for…

A VanCraft Campervan doesn’t just unlock limitless adventure, it can also fuel financial freedom for those with an entrepreneurial drive. By renting out your campervan on platforms like Outdoorsy and RVShare, you easily tap into a large market of potential renters. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive investment analysis for purchasing a VanCraft Campervan as a rental asset.

Why Is A VanCraft Campervan The Perfect Rental Asset?

Our campervans are designed to be user friendly and durable, ensuring a smooth rental experience for your customers. They require little maintenance, saving both you and your renters time and trouble.

What makes our vans awesome rental assets:

  • Skip the RV sites because our vans offer self-sustainable systems and do not need to be plugged in
  • Our material quality is top-notch, adding to durability and a long useful life
  • Our longest model is 22’, easily fitting into standard parking spots
  • The Mercedes Sprinter has industry leading useful life, fuel economy, and value retention

If you’re not sold yet, just take a look at these beautifully simple and functional layouts. Nothing about a VanCraft campervan is an afterthought. From the cozy interior design elements to the off-grid systems, every component has been thoughtfully chosen and positioned with the end consumer in mind.

VanCraft Has already proved the rental model for you and worked out the kinks

VanCraft Has already proved the rental model for you and worked out the kinks and our team is here to help.

Our team has spent the last eight years and millions of rental miles listening, learning, testing, tweaking and working towards building a perfectly balanced campervan to serve a quickly growing market. The result is a tried-and-true Sprinter campervan that is durable, functional, comfortable, and very aesthetically pleasing. 

Our team has decided to pull back the curtain and use internal data and industry insight to provide an investment analysis for a VanCraft Campervan.

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Buying Your Campervan: The Terms

The below analysis is based on purchasing a brand new Rover Sprinter campervan (~$130,000 price) financed using traditional RV financing over 20 years at 7.5% with 20% down. All things being equal, the Rover XL and Alltrek options would have very similar returns based on the price premium and rental rate premium, which you can see for yourself using the financial model download link below.

Profit & Loss Simplified: Year-in-Review

This is a high level overview of revenues, expenses, and cash flows, based on the pro-forma analysis below.

Annual Snapshot

A VanCraft Campervan Is a Very Tax-Efficient Investment

By utilizing straight-line depreciation over the five year useful life of the asset, you can eliminate the majority of your income tax liability! That means less money in Uncle Sam’s pocket and more money in yours.

Depreciation 1

A Campervan is a depreciating asset – let’s talk about it.

Your campervan’s value will go down every year; there is no way around it. The good news? Your returns will more than offset your van’s depreciation bill. Plus, you can write off depreciation as an expense against your income, which will save you big on your tax bill.

So How Do Taxes & Depreciation Impact My Income?

It’s important to take a realistic look at depreciation and taxes to get your “take home” cash flow figure. We like looking at the full picture and taking a conservative approach to financial results.

Monthly Net Income Summary 1

How Does This Investment Compare With Others?

Accumulating rental assets has become more popular than ever in recent years. Below, you can find a general outline of how the campervan rental business compares to more traditional asset (home) rental avenues.

How it compares 1

Renting your campervan is more passive that you might think

The trade-off for higher ROI is a larger time commitment; however, at less than 10 hours per month and an effective wage of $100+/hour, it’s pretty easy to justify the time investment. Remember, this includes real van depreciation!

Time Commitment

The 5 Year Pro Forma Analysis For an Investment in a Camper Van

The data driving this Proforma was derived from VanCraft’s ongoing rental operations, retail pricing research, industry estimates, and industry data research. This blend of data provides a unique and realistic view into the inner-workings of a small-fleet rental operation. You can download the model and adjust the drivers to create different scenarios.

Pro Forma 1

Why doesn’t VanCraft mind encouraging competition?

The Class B rental market opportunity is bigger than you might think. With more than three million monthly visitors to the top three RV rental platforms, the market is growing faster than ever and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. With this in mind, the majority of newly minted RV renters are choosing Class B Camper Vans over traditional RVs. 

Furthermore, our team has a passion for sharing the gift of epic adventures with as many people as possible. Our team is not only passionate about travel, but also jazzed about entrepreneurship. After all, VanCraft was born out of a small garage, nearly a decade ago, and has since grown into a thriving company with three operating segments, locations in three states, and a global reach. 

Lastly, it’s a great way to help spread the word and market our brand and product. VanCraft is primarily a direct-to-consumer manufacturer, so we just ask that you let your rental customers know about our campervans if they’re in the market to buy an off-grid campervan.

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