Salt Lake City Skiing 5-day Itinerary & Pack List

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May 13, 2024

Salt Lake City is a winter wonderland and the perfect destination for an adventure-filled ski…

Salt Lake City is a winter wonderland and the perfect destination for an adventure-filled ski trip. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a first-timer, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant mountain town. With a wide range of ski resorts, après-ski activities, and scenic drives, a 5-day itinerary in SLC promises a trip of a lifetime. This blog post will share our ultimate SLC itinerary and pack list for a 5-day ski trip. From the thrill of hitting the slopes at Snowbird, Alta, Deer Valley, and Brighton to indulging in a spa day at The Cliff Spa, this itinerary will surely provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

Day 1: Snowbird

So stoked to pick up our van at the VanCraft depot in SLC! We headed straight for Snowbird because they’ve been getting so much snow! We skied all day, broke for lunch at the van, and hit the Peruvian Bar for apres-ski. We highly recommend it for an old-time lodge vibe, crowded (in the best way) with locals and live music. Before dark, we headed down Cottonwood Canyon to Rockport State Park where overnight parking is available for only $25/night.

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Day 2: Alta

The sunrise view over the snow-covered lake was so peaceful. On our way up Cottonwood Canyon we stopped at Alpha Coffee to get some much-needed caffeine and a little work done.  Then, we drove up to Alta to ski. For lunch, we made a charcuterie board back at the van. We love how much space the long wheelbase has for storage, especially the seating nook for our five-day girls’ trip. It’s the perfect ski girl home-on-wheels!

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Day 3: Snowbird Spa

Today we headed straight to The Cliff Spa at Snowbird for a spa day—they’re open from 6 am-10 pm, and when you book any service, you have all-day access. We booked a yoga class for $10, and they have everything you need; all you have to do is show up! The yoga studio has impressive mountain views as you flow, and the rooftop has a pool & hot tub—the perfect reset and shower mid-trip.

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Day 4: Deer Valley

We headed to Deer Valley to get a good parking spot & made breakfast in the lot. The mountain got nine fresh inches. We skied all day, and it was a powder party! We had midday hot cocoa at Montage Apres lounge, which was delicious. We skied a few more runs and headed back to the main lodge to get shuttled back to the van. We headed back to Rockport for an early night so we could ski Brighton in the morning.

Day 5: Brighton

On our last day, we woke up and drove up to the ski resort. Traffic and parking on the weekend can be tricky, so we recommend hitting the road sooner than later. The mountain was so fun! We heard from the locals to grab dinner at the Red Iguana. It was truly the best Mexican food ever! Be sure to order the Mole Sampler and get the Tres Leches for dessert. Then, to drop off our little home-on-wheels. The drop-off process is super easy—all you need to do is unpack your belongings and drop the key in the after-hours drop box! Oh, and be sure to fill up the tank (diesel only!!!).



  • skis
  • poles
  • jacket
  • pants
  • goggles
  • mittens/gloves
  • neck gaiter (2)
  • helmet 
  • headphones


  • base layers (2-4)
  • leggings (2)
  • long sleeves (2)
  • short sleeves (2)
  • crewneck/hoodie (2)
  • pjs (2 sets)
  • cozy sherpa jacket (1)
  • puffy jacket (1)
  • jeans (1-2)
  • undies (8)
  • socks (4)
  • ski socks (2-4)
  • swimsuit (1)
  • slippers (Uggs for inside the van)
  • boots (Sorel for outside the van)
  • cute boots (Blundstones for apres-ski)
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  • nuts
  • coffee ground
  • fruit
  • chicken tort soup
  • crackers and cheese & sausage
  • boxed wine
  • ramen
  • pretzels
  • couscous
  • veggies
  • sweet potatoes 
  • beef jerky
  • avocados
  • hummus
  • coconut curry soup
  • chicken & apple sausages
  • steaks
  • lemon chicken breast

Items we recommend bringing to make your van trip easier:

  • small extension cord
  • dish scrubber with handle 
  • small storable coffee maker (we recommend the 5-cup Mr. Coffee
  • windshield ice scraper 
  • scissors 
  • tissues 
  • makeup/body wipes
  • extra body towels
  • door mat
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