VanCraft | 2024 Rebrand

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January 18, 2024

Dear Friends, If you’ve visited our website or viewed our social accounts lately, you may…

Dear Friends,

If you’ve visited our website or viewed our social accounts lately, you may have noticed a little change of scenery… we have totally revamped our branding!

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2024 marks eight years of VanCraft. When we started this humble little business, the idea of #vanlife was just starting to take shape. It has been a tremendous pleasure to help mold and define a lifestyle that started with a hashtag. An industry that started as a grassroots movement has changed American RV and travel culture forever.

Alongside peers, friends, and dreamers we have proved that there is a better way to travel on four wheels. Through continuous improvement and feedback from the best customers in the world, our product and business model have evolved from fringe to mainstream. A lifestyle that was once viewed as “..down by the river” is now the dream of many Americans and world travelers.

As our industry has grown, it has become increasingly common to see van conversions with overly complicated systems, poor craftsmanship, and a “get rich quick” approach to business—an unfortunate departure from the original spirit of the movement. We believe firmly that these past few years are just the beginning of a much longer story. VanCraft has used this time to perfect its craft and business operations with an emphasis on product quality and sustainability. While our vans are robust in feature set, we place more value in customer service and long term sustainability over unnecessary bells and whistles and cutting corners.

As we contemplate the future of campervan travel and our position within that space, we feel it is necessary to better define our values and how we communicate them to our prospective customers.

Why do we work so hard to prioritize our customers? What drives us to innovate, evolve, and grow? How do we define the success of our efforts?

Answers to all of our big questions can be connected by one common narrative: VanCraft is on a mission to make life more fun.

For ourselves, our employees, our partners, and especially our customers, we are on a mission to provide travelers, thrill-seekers, and adventurers with better access to a small three-letter word that defines our “why”: FUN.

Yes, we have a new logo. Our website is new and snazzy. To the returning customer’s eye, we may look a little different than we did before. But this change in look is the first step in not just talking the talk, but walking the walk…

VanCraft is and always will be laser focused on setting a new standard for recreational vehicles through exceptional quality and unmatched convenience, giving the world more time to connect with what is truly important in life.

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you’re interested in what we’re doing. Maybe you have spent your hard earned dollar to rent or buy a VanCraft campervan. Thank you. This small change in branding marks the start of a new chapter of VanCraft, one that we cannot wait to share with you. If at this moment there is a VanCraft Campervan in your driveway, let this message serve as a friendly reminder to grab the keys and go find some fun!

Adventure awaits,

The VanCraft Team